The research partnership between VINCI and ParisTech for environmental performance

The lab recherche environnement stems from a partnership between VINCI and three ParisTech engineering schools under the aegis of the ParisTech Foundation. Since 2008, research teams have been designing tools to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, neighbourhoods and infrastructures. VINCI projects serve as a testing ground for researchers.

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Research fellows
The researchers who collaborate on the projects of the lab recherche environnement have complementary expertise on ecoperformance of buildings, neighbourhoods and infrastructures.
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Ecodesign tools :

Pleiades STD Comfie

This dynamic thermal simulation model for buildings, compatible with BIM, anticipates energy consumption and the risks of discomfort in all seasons, as of the design phase. Thanks to the Amapola module, this software program makes it possible to identify the least expensive solutions, anticipate uses and optimise the reliability of forecasts.

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