Cyrille FrançoisPostdoctoral Researcher and Teacher

École des Ponts ParisTech

Cyrille François works on the environmental issues associated with the daily mobility of people by developing systemic approaches.
He is interested in mobility, not in terms of the simple use of a technology but as a social reality anchored in a specific territory. His interests also cover the environmental impacts associated with mobility. He uses life-cycle assessment (LCA), which takes into account the construction phases and end of life of modes of transport and their infrastructures.

Ecodistrict in Paris
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Life-cycle assessment is a method to assess the environmental impacts of buildings and infrastructures throughout their life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials through to their end-of-lifetime handling.
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Tramway is among transport services that are analysed
The environmental performance of mobility systems is linked to energy consumption, emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases and the effects of disruption and fragmentation of natural habitats due to the construction
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Scientific publications
Conference papers
Adrien Beziat, Cyrille François Measuring the impacts of distribution systems coupling transport modeling and life-cycle assessment
World Conference on Transport Research, Jul 2023, Montreal, Canada
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Book sections
Cyrille François L’ACV appliquée aux transports et aux mobilités
Bruno Peuportier. In : Analyse de Cycle de Vie dans les Projets Urbaines : cas pratiques, Eyrolles, 2023, 9782416013614
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Conference papers
Cyrille François, Nicolas Coulombel Coupling Mobility Model and Life Cycle Assessment to Ecodesign Neighbourhood Project
11th international conference on Industrial Ecology, International Society for Industrial Ecology, Jul 2023, Leiden, Netherlands
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Conference papers
Guillaume Batot, Francois-Xavier Dezert, Sibylle Duval-Dachary, Fatima-Zahrae El Amrani et al. Temporal Inconsistencies in LCA : A New Tool for Calculating Dynamic Climate Change Characterization Factors
The 11th International Conference on Life Cycle Management, Sep 2023, Lille, France
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Conference papers
Cyrille François, Adrien Beziat Life Cycle Assessment of last-mile distribution system on a territory – Paris region case study
11th International Conference on Life Cycle Management, Sep 2023, Lille, France
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Conference papers
Cyrille François Presentation of openlca2bw package, LCA data transfer from OpenLCA to Brightway2
Brightcon, Sep 2022, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg
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The trips generated by a neighbourhood are quantified and characterised using models for forecasting transport demand. The environmental impacts associated with these trips are then estimated using an LCA-type approach
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Pilot site
Digital mock-up of Les Lumières Pleyel district
A development project in the Les Lumières Pleyel neighbourhood in Saint-Denis (93) is the testing ground for research work by MINES ParisTech and École des Ponts ParisTech.
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Practitioner group
Vegetated tramway
Research work on mobility at the neighbourhood level focuses on the development of environmental impact assessment methods that make it possible to better plan the offer of mobility services in the broad sense
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