Christine AubrySenior Associate Researcher and Consultant Professor


Christine Aubry is an agricultural engineer who holds a PhD in agronomy (AgroParisTech) and is qualified to supervise research. She is currently responsible for the Urban Agriculture research team at SADAPT UMR (joint research centre) and co-leads an engineering training programme at AgroParisTech (Engineering of Urban Vegetated Spaces).
She initiated the T4P (Toits Parisiens Productifs Projet Pilote) project and created the research team on urban agriculture in 2012. She has been overseeing an "Urban Agriculture" Book Series with two Canadian colleagues at Springer since 2014.

Reconciling nature and the city, a highly artificial environment, is an art that is practised from the scale of the building to that of the suburban territory, including that of the neighbourhood.
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Scientific publications
Journal articles
Erica Dorr, Maximilien Koegler, Benoit Gabrielle, Christine Aubry Life cycle assessment of a circular, urban mushroom farm
Journal of Cleaner Production, Elsevier, 2021, 288, 13 p. ⟨10.1016/j.jclepro.2020.125668⟩
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Anne Barbillon, Anne Cécile Daniel, Christine Aubry, Karine Boquet et al. Plan de Maitrise Sanitaire - Agricultures Urbaines à destination des structures d’agricultures urbaines implantées en pleine terre et/ou sur substrat organique.
[Rapport Technique] AgroParisTech; INRAE. 2020
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Journal articles
Baptiste Grard, Nastaran Manouchehri, Christine Aubry, Nathalie Frascaria-Lacoste et al. Potential of technosols created with urban by-products for rooftop edible production
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, MDPI, 2020, 17 (9), ⟨10.3390/ijerph17093210⟩
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Directions of work or proceedings
Camille Dumat, Didier Busca, Sophie Sobanska, Salma Loudiyi et al. Actes du colloque international de recherche T2020 : Transitions écologiques en transactions et actions, Proceedings of the international research conference T2020: Ecological transitions in transactions and actions
Transitions écologiques en transactions et actions, Jun 2020, Toulouse, France. 2020
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Poster communications
Baptiste Grard, Sophie Joimel, Laure Vieublé, Giulia Giache et al. An evaluation of ecosystem services delivered by urban micro-farms: the research project SEMOIRS [2018-2020]
SUITMA 10, Jun 2019, Séoul, South Korea
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Other publications
Christine Aubry, Mélanie Collé, Yoann Durrieu, Giulia Giacché et al. Agricultures Urbaines de leur connaissance à leur mise en œuvre dans les territoires : une proposition méthodologique
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Pilot site
Vegetable garden on the rooftop of AgroParisTech
AgroParisTech's experimental rooftop has been used since 2012 to design urban agriculture systems in rooftop boxes, using urban residues as components of technosols, with the aim of studying the services provided by
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Practitioner group
Bertrand Ney Rooftop at AgroParisTech
The benefits and costs related to green infrastructure in cities need to be better understood through assessment tools that measure environmental impacts, for example, carbon emissions due to the transport of substrates,
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