Research in action
Restauration écologique d'une rivière

From science to business lines

The distinctive feature of the lab recherche environnement is the close collaboration between VINCI and the researchers: we call this action-oriented research. VINCI projects serve as experimentation laboratories and the Group’s employees contribute to the review of the economic viability of sustainable solutions designed by researchers. At the same time, the lab recherche environnement provides VINCI subsidiaries with the knowledge they need to develop business opportunities that meet the expectations of customers and employees in terms of environmental sustainability. Several decision support tools have been developed to guide eco-efficient building and infrastructure projects. These tools are intended to be implemented on demonstration projects.

Three engagement paths for practitioners

The lab recherche environnement aims to increase the links between scientific research and VINCI’s business lines. Three paths are offered to Group employees who wish to follow or support the lab recherche environnement’s projects more actively.

  • Public lectures, the Lab Evenings and the Lab University, to keep up to date with trends in scientific innovation.
  • The Mirror Groups to help move research projects towards an operational application.
  • The Lab Workshops to feed into VINCI’s green solutions based on research results.


Mirror Groups

Five groups made up of VINCI employees are involved in the supervision of research projects. They support researchers in identifying experimental sites, new data and addressing operational issues related to the areas of expertise of the research teams.

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