Anaël MayeurPhD student

AgroParisTech - Université Paris Saclay

Anaël Mayeur’s work focuses on land management and biodiversity conservation challenges through cross-cutting approaches. His research considers species conservation from the perspective of interactions between humans and the environment. Through his work experience with various researchers and frontline stakeholders, he is able to forge ties between scientific and operational expertise. As a trained ecologist, he uses social science methodologies to understand and improve land development practices, with a view to promoting biodiversity and the conservation of natural heritage.

Reconciling nature and the city, a highly artificial environment, is an art that is practised from the scale of the building to that of the suburban territory, including that of the neighbourhood.
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Scientific publications
Revegetation has long been a strategy used by planners to meet operational needs such as soil stabilisation and landscape aesthetics. Today, it is valued for its potential to contribute to restoring biodiversity,
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Practitioner group
Bertrand Ney Rooftop at AgroParisTech
The benefits and costs related to green infrastructure in cities need to be better understood through assessment tools that measure environmental impacts, for example, carbon emissions due to the transport of substrates,
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