Coupling of a positive-energy road model with a building dynamic energy simulation tool

The coupling between the PowerRoad® positive-energy road simulation model and the Pleiades Comfie tool will make it possible to more accurately predict the operation of the PowerRoad system coupled to a building.

Context and challenges

The general principle of Eurovia’s PowerRoad® system coupled to a building is to collect free heat from the sun thanks to a heat exchanger integrated into the road surface. This energy is then used directly via a heat pump or stored in short-term (balloon) and inter-seasonal storage devices, such as vertical geothermal probes (VGP).

On a fixed-term contract at MINES ParisTech under the supervision of Bruno Peuportier, Lucas Striegel is responsible for linking the simulation model of the PowerRoad® positive-energy road with building models, heat pump and VGP from the Pleiades DES Comfie tool. This chaining is necessary since the functioning of the positive-energy road is intimately linked to that of the heat pump, vertical geothermal probes and, of course, the building because of the power demand and the temperature levels which change over time.

Bruno Peuportier
Research Director
MINES ParisTech
Lucas Striegel
Research Engineer
Mines ParisTech
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