This diagnostic tool for the state of biodiversity in a neighbourhood compares the impact of different construction or rehabilitation projects on biodiversity in the city.

Biodi(V)strict® is a predictive tool, designed at AgroParisTech, to identify the biodiversity potential of urban construction projects as well as the benefits provided by nature in the city.
It is based on indicators underpinned by recognised ecological principles and in line with the regulations in force.
By comparing different alternatives for a site, it is a decision support tool that guides developers and builders in their choice between the various revegetation solutions for a project, or helps decision-makers decide between different development projects.
Thanks to measurement of the ecosystem services provided by nature in the city (reduction of the heat island, rainwater management, air treatment, social ties, well-being), it is possible to highlight the benefits provided by the project to users and to the city.
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Reconciling nature and the city, a highly artificial environment, is an art that is practised from the scale of the building to that of the suburban territory, including that of the neighbourhood.
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