Long PeiPhD Student

MINES ParisTech

Long Pei is a doctoral student at MINES ParisTech who holds two masters at the University of Science and Technology of Huazhong in China and at ParisTech in France. He enhanced the dynamic energy simulation tool COMFIE by integrating a seasonal underground storage model. He linked COMFIE to a microclimate model in order to take better account of the external environment. He adapted the life-cycle assessment (LCA) database to the Chinese context, allowing more precise applications of LCA in that country.

Ecodistrict in Paris
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Life-cycle assessment is a method to assess the environmental impacts of buildings and infrastructures throughout their life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials through to their end-of-lifetime handling.
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Office building with solar panels
Buildings can be designed and operated to radically improve their energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.
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This thesis focuses on the development of the life-cycle assessment of buildings in the Chinese context. It also made it possible to supplement the existing dynamic energy simulation tool by integrating a seasonal
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This dynamic thermal simulation model of buildings anticipates energy consumption and the risk of discomfort in all seasons. Thanks to the Amapola module, this software program makes it possible to identify the least
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This software program for life cycle assessment of neighbourhood projects is used to measure the environmental impacts from the manufacture of materials to the end of their life.
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Solar panels integrated in a green urban area
Dynamic thermal simulation and life-cycle assessment are decision support tools that comprehensively assess the environmental performance of a building or neighbourhood project and guide its design in order to reduce the
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